You’re an adventure – have fun with it!

Chinese New Year is right around the corner.

Now, I have this love-hate relationship with Chinese New Year.

On the bright side, you spend more time with your family.

The problem is…

Chinese New Year also involves:

– Relatives asking all sorts of questions… when it’s none of their business.

– Long, expensive traveling cost

– Giving out red envelopes 


But I guess that’s life – every coin has two sides.

Just like building a business.

Pro: It allows you to be your boss. 

Con: It’s a lot harder than working a “job.”

(or at least it used to be… before all these layoffs)

You have to ask yourself:

“Is it worth it?”

Because it’s never gonna get “easy.” 

It will always be a roller coaster ride where you don’t know when to hit the next drop.

For example:

The interest rate had been low for almost a decade before 2022. 

A lot of companies had been booming with “cheap” money. Until…

In 2022, FED announced 11 consecutive raises.

Now, the pond has dried up… and people are panicking.

But roller coasters are meant to be scary.

The unpredictability is what makes it exciting.

So, if you are indeed an entrepreneur, embrace the inevitable ups and downs. Give it all you have…

…and worry about what “might happen” when it actually happens.

Life is an adventure; play or be played!

Cheering for you,