your prospects are like babies these days

I’ve been quietly observing my baby for the past three months, and I noticed something interesting.

Baby is the most capricious creature in the world.

One moment, she would smile at you, having the best time.

Two seconds later…

She would be crying her eyes out like she hates you.

No indication.

No transition.

No reason at all.

But you know who else is super capricious?

Your prospects!

Attention is scarce and scattered.

People jump from FB to TikTok to YouTube to Amazon to email – within 3 minutes. It’s as if everyone has ADHD.

(I blame the social media for this behavior – there’s a reason why SMs are pushing for YouTube Shorts and FB Reels)

And this is where some of the old-school direct-response principles fail.

Traditionally, gurus will tell you that you should build out your sales letter like a greasy chute. People take one peek at your material and…

They can’t help but slide down your argument…

…and buy!


This isn’t happening anymore in the real world.

Instead, this is how people shop:

  • They see your ad.
  • They find it interesting.
  • They hop off to watch some cat videos.
  • They wander off to eat some snacks. 
  • They take a second look at your stuff.
  • They save the website on their browser.
  • They keep your website on their browser for 3 months.
  • They forget about you.
  • They see another of your ads.
  • They find it interesting.
  • (the cycle continues until maybe they buy one day)

So, what’s the solution?

You abandon the idea of “immediate sales.” You work toward long-tail conversions. You focus on building relationships with entertainment.

You invite people back, relentlessly and frequently, using email.

(because using ads will break your bank)

And you wait…

When the right person sees the right offer at the right time.

Then, sales happen.

Cheering for you,

Also, if you want to help build a system that will increase the know, like, and trust factor of your email list… so that you can repeatedly invite people back to check out your product, I can help.

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