you are NOT who you are

Yesterday, I got an email saying:

“I read the article you wrote. I like it. You are a good writer.”

It feels good when people compliment your stuff… but it also got me thinking – most of your audiences don’t really know who you are.

In real life, you can be a shy introvert…

But online, you can be anyone!

– An eternal optimist like Marie Forleo.

– A friend at the bar like Robin Williams (RIP).

– A translator like Neil deGrasse Tyson.

You can create a personality that best resonates with your audience. Todd Herman called this the Alter Ego Effect. 

But how do you project this “personality” into the world?

It’s simple. 

By creating content.

Your content is how your audience gets to know you.

It can be writing (like me).

It can be videos (like Marie Forleo).

Or it can be interviews (like Neil deGrasse Tyson).

Regardless of the channel, one thing stays the same…

The better your audiences know you – the more likely they will buy from you.

It’s how humans work…

And it’s why you need 8 touch points – on average – before a sale.

So, if you want to create better prospects, start publishing content.

Now, there are infinite ways to make this happen…

Running paid ads.

Building a social media following.

Publishing a blog.

Or – the simplest…


I prefer email as my main communication because it’s personal, almost free, and…

99% of users check their inbox daily – with many checking over 15 times a day! But if you don’t know what to write…

This is where I can help 👉

Cheering for you,

P.S. – Bonus tip: don’t make your content all about your product. 

From time to time, share about things you like…

For example – I love chocolate, scuba diving, and good food.

All of these create the “identity” that makes you human.

And the shocking truth – 

Humans buy from humans 🤯.