why do prospects start ignoring your flash sales?

It’s interesting how fast new parents learn to adapt.

In the beginning – when a baby cries, your mind goes blank, and you panic.

But in two short weeks – you learn to carry on whatever you’re doing despite the howling in the background.

Because you know:

  • A baby will cry if the diaper needs changing.
  • A baby will (continue to) cry when you’re changing the diaper

And a lot of time…

  • A baby will (continue to) cry when you finish changing the diaper

(even when she’s not sick or hungry)

So, if you freeze every time the baby cries… like an antelope seeing a headlight – you’ll never get anything done.

And that’s why you adapt.

When changing the diaper, you put an invisible filter over your ears so you’re not distracted. I think this is a universal skill.

Because this is the same in marketing.

In the beginning, everything works.

Flash sales. Countdown timers. Deadline extensions.

Prospects take action when you “cry”. (FOMO)

But in two short promotions…

Prospects learn to adapt.

They start ignoring your deals… because they know another promo is around the corner.

That’s why, when I create campaigns for my clients, I don’t recommend running too many flash sales (or overly relying on big discounts).

I like to play the long game.

Focus on telling stories plus entertaining the audience in every email (not just promo emails) so that I can nurture the relationship and build trust.

When my prospects know, like, and trust me…

Selling becomes infinitely easier.

If you like this approach better than running the flash sales hamster wheel… then you’ll be interested in this 👇


Cheering for you,