why copywriters suck

I remember reading Outliers (by Malcolm Gladwell), which discussed why Asian students excel in mathematics. The idea is…

The tendency to spend more time trying (working) out a question is directly correlated with success in math classes.

But I believe this is true outside of math, too.


When doing (learning, trying) something hard, 88% of the people will give up within 2 weeks. But no one can master copywriting in 2 weeks.

(not even the legendary David Ogilvy)

It takes dedication.

You have to put in your 10,000 hours.

You have to give it everything you’ve got… focusing on getting good at the craft, not just the short-term income…

…and writing EVERY SINGLE DAY!!

Until you hit the tipping point to become a real expert.

This doesn’t happen in a blink.

(too many Gladwell references?)

Or even a dog can do it.

(alright, I’m done)

But unfortunately…

Copywriting is often framed as the “get rich quick” opportunity by the gurus.

And that’s why you’ll see “copywriters” who were “coaches” yesterday… “media buyers” tomorrow… and “social media experts” next week.

With that being said…

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