I’m visiting one of my favorite homestays.

It sits on top of a cute coffee shop across the beach of Wanlitong, Kenting.

You can smell the roasted aroma of the coffee beans, plus the sweet caramel flavor of the tastiest Angel’s Bell in Taiwan.

The best part?

When you sink yourself into the soft cushions on the balcony and look straight ahead…

You can enjoy the open sea without seeing any road or embarkment.

Everything else disappears…

And it’s like the sea surrounds you.

Relaxing and soothing.

I can sit there all day, doing nothing.

Now, the homestay itself is definitely not a 5-star hotel.

Nothing fancy. Nothing luxurious. Slightly old.

(I could barely fit my legs into the bed.)

But it is one of my favorite places because of the million-dollar view.


It might sound like an awful experience for the wrong person…

And this is the lesson for today:

You’ve probably received a lot of BF deals so far…

Each from a different guru…

Each promising a “magic solution.”

But before you invest in anything…

Understand this –

You are building YOUR OWN business.

You are allowed to build it however you want… so that it serves your ideal lifestyle. (not what gurus want to sell you.)

To give you an example…

I’m a writer. I passionately hate getting on the camera. So, a magic solution that requires me to create one live video per day is a nightmare…

Therefore, I will never invest in a course teaching me how to do live videos.

But for an extrovert?

It can be the perfect solution.

Now, it’s your turn.

Ask yourself what kind of lifestyle you want to build.

Then, find a path that moves toward that lifestyle, not against it.

Keep fighting,