what do your customers really want (hint: it’s never about your product)

Yesterday, I was looking for dinner at 8:30 pm.

Since there weren’t too many options this late, I stumbled into a little restaurant called…




We all know what Hooters is famous for – 

Wings, duh!

(definitely NOT the low cuts + hot pants)

If you look at the customers…

Most people walk in with a straight face, keeping their eyes locked on the menu, the food, and the game on the TV.

In fact, if you do a survey…

Most people will tell you:

“I come to watch the game.”


But then, they’ll order a few drinks…

One, two, three beers later…

No one is paying attention to the games anymore.

I wonder what they’re glazing at?



Customers rarely tell you what they really want.

Sometimes, they’ll say the opposite of what they truly desire.


Your job as a business owner (& marketer) is to read between the lines and determine what triggers a buying decision.

Never rely on survey results’ “face value” to plan a promotion.

If this sounds complicated…

Here’s the good news:

That’s what good copywriters are for.

We help you look beyond the words… evaluate the context of any given market research… to identify the winning stories that attract your best customers.

(this is what AI can’t do)

The actual writing?

That’s only icing on the cake.

Cheering for you,