way too much crap for email marketing

One of the worst phases as a newborn parent is the – 

Ass cannon phase.

(giving credit to Angie for coining this name)

When babies are about one to three months old, they turn into a two-way cannon. They can shoot milk out of their mouth… and… crap out of the other.

Once every few days, you’ll encounter one of these incidents.

And yesterday was one of those… “lucky day.”

The baby has been restless all night and all morning. Kicking legs, pushing with a red face, and whining every 15 minutes.

You can tell there’s something wrong with her stomach.

But she’s so tired and sleepy that you can’t help her exercise the gas out.

At 10 am, the baby is lying on my wife’s lap…


The baby lets out a big fart and gives us the first big smile of the day.

My wife and I look at each other, breathe out a sigh of relief, and start playing with the finally happy baby.

A few moments later…

We decide it’s enough playing for the morning, and we should put the baby back to sleep. But as we pick her up…

Our face turns into the guy in Edvard Munch’s famous painting.


There’s poop everywhere.

On the swaddle.

On the Hugsie Moon pillow.

On my wife’s clothes.

Everywhere… except for the baby’s clothes?!

(magic poo? the 💩 penetrates her clothes without leaving a stain)

We spend the next 2 hours cleaning up the crime scene while the baby looks at us with a guilty little smile.

I’m sure she knows who the main suspect is.

Okay. That’s enough crap for one email.

Let’s swiftly change the topic:

I think there’s a big advantage regarding email storytelling for e-commerce brands. Because there are so many stories you can dig.

What happens at the factory?

What happens at the warehouse?

What happens at the logistics?

You can share a “world” of interesting stories with your audience… and they’ll love you for them.

But it’s not always the same for email specialists like me.

Many interesting stories are hidden behind my clients’ NDA bunker, which will remain classified.

And that’s why I have to retreat to using a lot of crap to entertain you… (I think my baby girl will grow up hating me😜).

But if you’re interested in sharing the amazing little stories in your day-to-day operation so that you don’t have to rely on a pooping baby to build relationships with your email list, I can help.

The first step is this => https://wuyenhsu.com/audit

Cheering for you,