vitamin D for 16-day-old baby

Yesterday, a nurse was sharing her child care experience with me.

We chatted for an hour before she casually mentioned – “A lot of new parents are giving their newborns Vitamin D right now.”



You have to buy supplements for a 16-day-old baby now?!

I don’t recall eating any of these when I grew up… and I grew up perfectly fine. So, naturally, after complaining about this to my wife…


Went to the drugstore and bought a bottle of probiotics + vitamin D.


I know.

It’s likely unnecessary.

(and expensive)

But because I “want” to be a good parent.

This identity forces me to buy anything that might benefit my child, especially when I discover that the parents across the hall have already bought it.


The best marketing strategy is to build an identity around your product so that people believe – “If I’m X, I need to buy Y.”

This is the same strategy that helped:

  • Apple became the world’s most valuable company
  • Philip Morris sold billions of “harmful” product
  • Hegen shipped millions of premium breast pumps

Now, it’s your turn.

What’s the mission of your company?

How can you align that mission with a specific identity?

Finally, how can you strengthen that identity with your marketing?

👆 This is one of the first things I help my DFY clients figure out.

Cheering for you,