unpopular opinion about AI in email marketing

This AI thingy is getting ridiculous.

In the last week alone, I’ve seen ads about:

  • A massage chair with AI
  • An air condition with AI
  • A washing machine with AI

And even…

  • An electric toothbrush with AI (seriously?!)

Look, your customers don’t get an emotional high just because you mentioned AI.

How do I know?

Because you hate copywriters using AI, too!

When I do a quick “email copywriter” job search on Upwork, I’ll get:

“100% Human written, no AI allowed”

“No AI please. I do not want my writing screened with AI”

“NO AI content, this needs to be legitimate hand written content.”


If all businesses hate AI writing so much… why do they insist on using AI as a marketing feature?

Here’s my unpopular opinion:

I think it’s lazy marketing.

When you (or your copywriter) is too lazy to do the hard work like… 

  • Finding the unique selling points
  • Discovering the irresistible hook
  • Testing interesting story angles
  • Word painting your feature in concrete scenes

(the things that make or break your campaigns)

It’s much easier to slap AI on your product and call it a day.

This is what separates a real marketer from a typing monkey.

With that being said, if you want 100% human-written email campaigns that are not produced by AI, you’ll want to reach out.

Check here for more info 👉 https://wuyenhsu.com/free-email-audit

(SHOCK – I don’t even use AI to audit your account)

Cheering for you,