traffic v.s. email list – what’s more important?

Yesterday, I saw a traffic guru complaining that traffic is way WAY more important than your email list.

Guru: “Traffic > Sales >>>>>>>> Email List 😡”

To me, this argument makes no sense.

Because you wouldn’t claim that gasoline is more important than the engine, right? It’s like comparing apples to oranges.

For a car (your business) to move…

You need all three systems to work together:

  • Fuel System – Traffic (awareness)
  • Ignition System – Sales (conversion)
  • Engine System – Email (engagement)

You don’t get to pick and choose.

You can’t replace unleaded gasoline with jet fuel… nor can you run a Formula 1 engine with diesel.


– Yes, I’m an email specialist.

– Yes, I’ll go on record to say email is the most profitable marketing channel.

– Yes, you can repurpose a good email as a post or ad to refuel your traffic.


– No, I’m not gonna compare traffic v.s. email marketing…

Because I’m professional enough to stay in my lane – just like a heart surgeon would not comment (or operate) on your brain.

Cheering for you,