this is a great time for businesses

Yesterday, I went to pick up a Mother’s Day cake.

The bakehouse is in an outlying neighborhood –  inside a 6-meter alley – hidden behind a wooden fence. You can walk past this store a hundred times without knowing it’s a bakehouse.

But yesterday, when I arrived…

There were 9 cars illegally parking in the alley, waiting for their cakes.

I saw a long line leading out of the store, including students, OLs, and two ladies with Hermès bags and Chanel high heels.

This got me thinking…

This is the good and bad thing about the age of the Internet.

The bad part is that the Internet amplifies everything…

Scams, bullying, and competition.

The good?

The Internet amplifies everything – 

The awareness, the engagement, and the conversion.

In short, if you have a solid product… and are willing to invest in the right marketing… you can get unlimited customers even if you’re hidden in the back of beyond.

Despite all the inflation, rising ad costs, and jaded competition, it’s a great time for businesses.

The only two questions are – 

  1. Do you have a solid product?
  2. Do you have the right marketing?

If you have a proven product – past customers plus testimonials – and are interested in exploring the right marketing…

We should talk!

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Cheering for you,