there’s no emergency in email marketing

Time flies – I can’t believe our baby is almost 7 weeks old.

It’s interesting how unprepared I was when the baby decided to arrive 3 weeks earlier… and I had to rush to the hospital at 2 am in the morning.

The truth is…

There are very few things in life you can be prepared for.


Email marketing isn’t one of them.

As I like to say, there isn’t any real “emergency” regarding email marketing. 

(we’re not brain surgeons) 

In most cases, it’s just bad planning.

For example:

If you’re drinking 8 cups of coffee – pulling the all-nighter – to set up a Mother’s Day campaign right now, that is bad planning.

When you’re fueling on caffeine…

I guarantee you that you’ll make some dumb mistakes in your promotion.

It can be the offer, the links, or even…

A duplicate copy in your email.

(yes, I’ve seen copywriters who forgot to remove the original first draft when editing… and send 1,000 words of nonsense to a list of 10k+ subscribers)

That’s why having a Promo Calendar is so important. You want to plan it out at least two months in advance. 

This gives you the runway to plan, strategize, write, re-write, edit (edit, edit), and test each email before going live.

Sounds like a lot of work?

Don’t worry. This is where I can help.

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Cheering for you,