the worst marketing strategy

People love to play L.O.t.T.e.r.Y during Chinese New Year.

I guess it’s due to the holiday spirit… plus the thrill.


Last week, two winners shared 375M NTD (~$11M), a modest win compared to the past. But this reminds me of one episode from Last Week Tonight:

In that episode, John shared a few interesting things:

* States spend half a billion dollars promoting the game

* The game makes over $60 billion a year

* And it’s often promoted as a charity… or an investment

But in reality…

Lower income housings always spend MORE on l.o.t.t.e.r.y. than riches.


Because the whole game is based on selling people “hope.”

But there’s a reason why “hope” is the last evil inside Pandora’s Box.

Partly because…

The chance of winning is equivalent to getting struck by lightning WHILE being eaten by a shark.


But also because when you believe it’s all about luck…

There’s nothing you can do.

It takes the power – and control – away from you.

Just like in marketing – 

Many business owners would rather:

Rely on a customer “remembering” to come back and buy more… rather than using email marketing to strengthen relationships.

The perfect definition of “hope marketing.”

But you’re an entrepreneur.

And you’re running a serious business, not a hobby.

Enough is at risk…

Your family.

Your employees.

And your dream life.

So, stop relying on the blessing of Lady Luck.

Do what it takes to build systems, assets, and workflows that will move you closer to your goals. (or hire professionals to do it for you *wink, wink*)

Focus on making 1% improvement each week.

Trust me, it’s infinitely better than waiting for a billion dollars to fall into your lap.

Cheering for you,