the three essentials for ecommerce email marketing

When it comes to food, I’m very adventurous.

I love to try everything, from fine cuisine to local street food. But if I have to point a finger at the most overrated food, it has to be…


A creative no-menu dining experience.

(aka carte blanche or chef’s tasting menu)

These tastings charge $50 to $200 per head, serving you sashimi with rice cakes, A5 wagyu cooked in tea, cucumber topped with caviar, truffles over a tablespoon of spaghetti, and more…

7 to 14 courses of revolting creativities…

Because most of these chefs are trying to be creative for the sake of being creative… without first mastering the basics.

Basics like knife skills, sauteeing, roasting, blanching, and emulsification are the foundation for a tasty, memorable dish.

But these overrated chefs are a lot like e-commerce owners chasing after: 

  • Expensive software/tool
  • Fancy automation
  • Subject line A/B testing
  • Complicated segmentation
  • Smart sending
  • Countdown timer


Stop worrying about these “nice to have” addons.

Focus on the three essentials:

  1. Promotional Calendar
  2. Good Offer(s)
  3. One Story-Powered Email a Day-ish

These three essentials will solve ALL your retention problems.

Not enough sales? Plan a campaign in your promo calendar.

Abandoned cart? Good Offer + Daily(ish) Email

No engagement? Tell stories.

To give you an example:

Daniel Throssell, my mentor, is sending one email a day… with a very rough promotional calendar… without segmenting… without automations.

And he’s doing really (really) well…

Generating more income with one single campaign – in one holiday – than his previously high-paying annual salary as an engineer.

So, focus on the fundamentals.

The rest will take care of itself.

Cheering for you,