the shocking message


I looked up at my phone, confused.

“Nobody ever msg me at noon. I wonder…”

I took a peek at the app notification and noticed that it was…

My wife – Tracy.

This made it even weirder because Tracy hates using msg.

(She’s the kind of weirdo who actually “calls” people on the phone. On the other hand, I’m willing to use a pigeon instead of calling to get a reservation. 😰)

“I hope it’s not an emergency…”

I unlocked my phone.

Checked the message.

And I froze.

I couldn’t believe what I read…

“I was mad at you yesterday,” she typed.

“Wait, what did I do?!” I responded quickly.

There was an uncomfortable silence…





“We were walking on the sidewalk. I was tired. I wanted you to help me carry my bag. But you just ignored me and kept walking.” she claimed.

“When did that happen?!” I protested.

(I’m really proud of my “supportive husband” badge.)

“IN MY DREAM,” she announced.

“I was so mad when I woke up, I decided to give you TWO good morning kisses rather than one,” she laughed.

“Oh… sorry? I guess?”


Now, this is just a funny story for couples who know how to communicate.

But I’ve actually seen partners who get into a fight because of imaginary scenarios.

And it can ruin a marriage.

But you know what else can be ruined by imaginary scenarios?

Your business.

I’ve talked to a lot of business owners who are reluctant to email their list more often – because they’re afraid that it’ll “piss off their subscribers.”

– I don’t think they’ll want more emails

(Of course, they do. That’s why they subscribed.)

– People don’t have time to read an email every day

(Yet they have time to binge-watch 4 hours of Single’s Inferno on Netflix?)

– I don’t want to get flagged as s.p.a.m.

(But the fewer emails you send, the more likely people forget about you and flag you as s.p.a.m.)

Now, I can go on with these objections…

But the truth is:

I’ve never run into businesses that send genuine, relationship-driven emails and get punished for sending too many.

Instead, I’ve seen A LOT of businesses that don’t utilize email marketing – until Fxxxbxxk shut off their account without any warning.

And it’s too late.

So, instead of worrying about imaginary scenarios, start sending one email a day(-ish), and check out the reality for yourself.

You’ll be surprised by how profitable it can be.

(And if you don’t know what to write, I can help.)

Cheering for you,