the risk behind email launches and flash sales

Yesterday, my wife and I took the baby for her 3-month vaccines, and this happened:

We arrive at the hospital at 11 a.m..

A dozen kids are in front of us, all waiting for the same doctor. So, we know it’s gonna take a while.

Luckily, the baby is sound asleep…


My wife and I look at each other in horror.


But before we could turn away…



We freeze – as if we are stoned by the eyes of a Medusa.

“shhhhh! don’t move,” my wife whispers, hoping the baby will fall asleep again.

The baby smiles, looks around, and frowns.

Then, suddenly…



I guess she recognizes this place. I miss the time when she had a goldfish memory.

(she continues to cry for the next 2 hours)

I think it’s going to be a battle every month moving forward.

Because bad memories last a LONG time.

(it’s the reason why it’s easier to get 1-star complaints than 5-star compliments)

This is the same for your promotion campaigns.

Be careful how you run it.

Launches (and flash sales) are powerful because of the urgency + FOMO.

But if you do it the wrong way, it can leave a bad taste.

  • Fake urgency
  • Deadline extensions
  • High-pressure sales technique
  • Bigger, badder discounts
  • Hammer the sales message three times a day

These “strategies” might squeeze a few more sales out of one campaign, but can easily ruin the list relationship for a lifetime.

But the problem is…

Following these unwanted strategies will not give you that big of an edge. According to my experience…

At any given time, only 15% of people are ready to buy.

This means if you burn the relationship in one promo, you are giving up 85% of the potential long-tail conversions.

It’s a very bad deal.

With that in mind…

If you want to know how to do a promotion campaign the right way, reach out at “wy<@>”, and I’ll share the secret with you.

Cheering for you,