the purge

Today, let’s talk about “purge.”


I’m not talking about the psychopath movies. 🙄

I’m talking about the real definition:

“to make free of unwanted things”

Recently, I’ve been helping my family go through 40 years of savings.

I saw everything from 30-year-old bottles, 20-year-old books, 10-year-old DVDs, and even 2-year-old birthday cake cardboard boxes.

Looking at it…

It’s like a memoir of a person’s life.

But the interesting thing is – 

While most of the stuff was bought (and saved) with good intentions…

But very quickly…

Goods turn into waste.

(and started gathering dust, causing allergies… yeah, I’ve been coughing all week)

Exactly like the “dead-weight” on your email list.

Now, please pause this email for a second…

And take a look at your email account.

How many subscribers have yet to open an email for over 60 days?



Go ahead, I’ll wait.





If you’re like most businesses, I’d guess: A lot.

I’ve worked with clients who have over 100,000 “zombies” on their list.


Because they paid a fortune collecting these subscribers…

…so they’re crossing their fingers, hoping to re-engage these subscribers someday.

But here’s the cold, hard truth:

Most of these subscribers are gone for good.

And to make things worse…

These “inactive subscribers” have become harmful waste that can cause “allergies” to your deliverability.

Because Google likes to turn inactive emails into “spam traps” to find out who’s relentlessly spamming.

(and with the new sending policy starting on Feb 2024, it’ll get worse)

So, if you haven’t purged your list for 40 years (or 4 months)… you better start now. Before Google puts you on the naughty list 😛

Cheering for you,