the perfect product is subjective

A few months ago, a friend invited us (Tracy and I) to her house to check out her baby.

When we arrived, I couldn’t believe what I saw.

The baby was playing inside a…

Cardboard box… COVER!


“I know the inflation rate is crazy… but I think a crib is still affordable?”

 Our friend laughed and said:

“This is the cover of a Finnish Baby Box.”

“It’s actually super helpful. You should get one.”

The Finnish Baby Box originated in the 1930s as a government policy to help low-income families reduce infant mortality rates.

It worked so well that –

In 1949, the Finland government gave all expectant mothers a box.

It has become a tradition in Finland.

(Finland even gave HRH Catherine, Princess of Wales, a box in 2013)

This got me thinking…

The Finnish Baby Box is a perfect product for newborn mothers because it’s like a portable little crib that protects the baby from suffocation. 

But for anyone without a baby…

It’s nothing but a cardboard box.

This means the perfect product is subjective to the customer.

Just like your product.

It might be amazing for the right prospects but completely useless for the wrong market. And this is why I always tell my clients that – 

Don’t try to appeal to everyone because…

When you talk to everyone, you connect with no one.

Instead, focus on connecting with your favorite customers… 

As a result, you’ll build a following of raving fans.

That said, if you want to find out how to connect with your best prospects, then hop on my newsletter, and I’ll show you.


Cheering for you,