the number doesn’t always make sense, but the narrative will

Here’s an interesting trend…

* Feb 28, 2022 – NVIDIA Stock Price 243.51

* Feb 28, 2023 – NVIDIA Stock Price 233.72

Fast forward to today…



* Feb 28, 2024 – NVIDIA Stock Price is at 790!! 🤯

I get it. 

Nvidia is a pioneer in AI computing… and AI is the next big thing.

bla bla bla…

But let’s face it.

This number makes no sense.

Nvidia would have to DOMINATE the entire AI market to justify its current price. But historically speaking, being the first mover isn’t always great. 

So, why the “gold rush”?

Because it’s not about the number.

The driving force behind the stock chase isn’t the balance sheet… 

It’s the story.

(the story that AI is taking over the world)

The narrative behind the story makes sense, even when the price doesn’t.

It’s like how investors chased Tesla’s… or Gamestop’s stock… to the moon… even when the companies aren’t profitable.

Now, here’s the bad news:

I don’t know if you should sell your Nvidia stocks right now…

But the good news?

I can help you create a story narrative that attracts more believers to support your e-commerce… which can be an even better investment in the long run.

Cheering for you,