the landscape of ecommerce email marketing

Yesterday, a freelancer was complaining inside an e-commerce FB group:

“The problem is the swamped market, filled by people from places like Nigeria, Bangladesh, and the Philippines. They’re driving the fee down… offering to manage Klaviyo accounts for 250 a month while writing all the flows plus 10 campaigns. All clients will expect…”



I broke through the fourth wall cutting off the grumpy freelancer. 

“Wait… what are you doing in…” the freelancer stammered.

“Enough!” I cut off the freelancer again.

“Look, there will always be cheaper competition. Or else how did Walmart become the largest retailer in the 1990s?”

“But…” the freelancer started whining.

“There’s no but,” I again cut off the freelancer. “Competition is GOOD. Look at what monopoly brought us – Comcast, Verizon, AT&T…” I shook my head in disgust.

“Yes, people will undercut your price,” I scoffed.

“Yes, Klaviyo will promote their little marketing services, just like how Amazon loves to cut off the middleman,” I smirked.

I stopped the freelancer from opening his mouth with a deadly stare.

“But do you think I’m the first guy my clients tried to hire regarding email marketing? Of course not. They came to me because they weren’t happy with the result.”

I announced, “If you want to charge a higher fee, stop using boring templates. Be creative. Be exceptional. And be a rainmaker.” 

(a crepuscular ray shined through the comment section spotlighting me)

I turned gracefully, leaving the group.

Yes, that’s the landscape.

  • Klaviyo wants businesses to believe they can run their emails like a walk in the park. 
  • Gurus want everyone to believe it’s easy to become a copywriter.

But the pros know…

  • Even after hiring some big-name agencies, brand owners are still unhappy with their email results.

So, yeah…

If you’re not happy with your current email revenue, it’s time for an audit. You might finally understand why.

Cheering for you,