the key to success

It’s been a roller coaster in the last month:

  • Mar 25 – The contraction pain (& vaginal birth) is the WORST 
  • Mar 27 – Vaginal birth isn’t too bad… feel bad for the C–Section
  • Mar 28 – Breast engorgement is the WORST
    (contraction is nothing)
  • Apr 5 – Good baby. No more clogged milk.
  • Apr 15 – The revenge of the engorgement
  • Apr 19 – Enjoying life… having a baby isn’t too bad 😎
  • Apr 20 – Goodbye postpartum center 😭
  • Apr 21 – I can’t believe we’ve only been home for ONE day
  • Apr 22 – Taking care of a newborn is the WORST
    (I don’t think I can make it past a month…)
  • Apr 23 – 37 diapers later, I think I’m getting better at this 🤔 


When you’re doing anything worthwhile, there will always be a bigger, harder challenge ahead. If you focus only on the end goal, it will feel impossible. 

But – 

If you take one baby step at a time (pun intended)… focus on doing one thing that can move you closer to your goal… you will make it through better than you expected.

Now, back to email marketing.

If you’ve never emailed before…

Building a profitable, sustainable email marketing system for your business can feel daunting. You need:

  • 10 core automated flows, PLUS…
  • A new promotional campaign each month, PLUS…
  • 4 to 7 broadcast campaigns every week.

That’s a lot of emails to write… not to mention the difficulty of setting everything up correctly inside your account. 

(let’s be honest, Klaviyo isn’t the most intuitive software)

What if – 

We forget all of these.

Let’s focus on writing one entertaining email a day.

We can test different hooks, angles, stories, and offers in each email.

  • If an email bombs, no hard feelings. We try something else tomorrow.
  • If an email kills it, awesome. Let’s repurpose the email as a flow.

Do this for a month (or three months), and you’ll have an account full of winning assets. See, one baby step at a time.

That said, if you need help writing one entertaining email a day – or a week – this is where I can help =>

Cheering for you,