the goal of a welcome sequence is not to make a sale

Recently, I’ve been auditing a lot of email accounts.

One costly mistake I noticed is that – 

Most brands are doing their Welcome Sequence completely wrong.

Their welcome sequence is only a means to deliver their “lead magnet” – a discount code, a store credit, or a giveaway.

Yes, subscribers join your list for the free stuff. But if you only use your welcome flow to deliver the lead magnet…

You’re wasting a lot of valuable email real estate.

(and making yourself super needy)

Look – 

The goal of a Welcome Sequence is NOT to make sales.

(even though it always has the highest conversion rate)

The goal of a Welcome Sequence is to create Better Customers.

Because 80% of the people who eventually buy from you will only buy after being on your list for 90+ days.

And that’s why your welcome flow should:

  • Create a positive association
  • Help your prospect know more about you (& your brand)
  • Spotlight the problem in the industry
  • Create a negative association with your competitors
  • Demonstrate your beliefs
  • Validate your price 
  • Provide proof
  • Provide urgency
  • Establish a voice
  • Focus on creating long-term customers

In my experience, doing it right will take 7-9 emails.

Now, if you’re interested in a head-to-head fight with your existing welcome sequence… I have a great offer for you.

For the right person, it’s 100% risk-free.

(plus a huge time-savor)

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Cheering for you,