the best marketing strategy

Today’s Valentine’s Day…

But it’s also the last day of the Chinese New Year holiday. (which is infinitely more important in Asian culture)

We grew up hearing stories like:

  • You can use firecrackers to scare away the monster Nian.
  • Red envelopes help shelter the children from bad luck.
  • Cats hate mice because of a race between the zodiacs.


These stories shape our culture, teaching us the meaning of Chinese New Year.

So, why do people tell these stories?

Because storytelling is the only mechanism to which we have no defense against.

It’s fun.

It’s memorable.

And it’s a great way to implant new beliefs.

When storytelling is used for evil, you can create dangerous cults.

When  storytelling is used for good, you can create loyal fans.

But most importantly…

When storytelling is used for marketing, you can create customers for life.

So, here’s my suggestions:

Stop selling.

Stop persuading.

Focus on telling one story a day.

And you’ll attract the best customers into your world without feeling cheesy.

With that in mind, if you want help telling stories using email, we should talk.

Cheering for you,

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