the best emails are written in under 15 minutes

It’s interesting that we often associate the idea of “quality” with “time.”

It took Da Vinci three years to complete the Last Supper.

It took Dan Brown three years to publish the Da Vinci Code.

It took James Cameron 160 days to film the Titanic.

So it’s normal to think –

The better the quality, the longer it’ll take.

And that’s why, last week, I saw a freelancer bragging about spending 2 hours to create one email for an apparel brand:

“This email only took me 2 hours to come up with! What do you have to say?”

Well, I’ll say…

It’s not as good as he thinks.

Most of my best-selling emails were written in 15 minutes or less.

(sure, the planning and editing will take more time, but the writing itself is fast)

In my experience, the longer I spend, the worse it gets.

Here’s why:

The best emails are always simple, clear, and fun to read.

One hook.

One idea.

One call-to-action.

But if I spend too much time writing one email… it’s always because I try to include too many angles, ideas, and fillers.

The result – 

A Frankenstien-email that wants to do too much, confusing my reader.

I know.

I’m probably gonna get some complaints here:

“But… but… you’re charging so much for one email!”

“You should spend more time on it!!”

Well, yes.

I spend a lot of time researching, brainstorming, strategizing, planning, and editing each email. Just not in the writing itself.

Okay, I must stop now, or I’ll exceed 15 minutes.


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