the 4/96 for e-commerce email marketing

Recently, my mentor told me:

“I was able to lose over 30 lbs by doing only three things:

– count my macros every day

– do three lightweight training a week

– go for a walk for the other four days

That’s it.”

When I heard this, I thought:

This is brilliant!

Because this is the perfect example of the 20/80 of the 20/80.

…the 4/96!

Focus on 4% of the actions that bring in 96% of the result.

(and give yourself permission to “ignore” the rest)

You don’t have to be perfect.

But you do have to be intentionally focused.

This goes the same for your email marketing.

You don’t need…

X – complicated segmentation

(actually, segmentation is becoming a problem with Klaviyo’s latest pricing changes. I’ll talk more about this next week)

X – super sophisticated CRM

X – pretty designs that take 2-hour to create

Instead, focus on the 4/96.

  • Automated flows
  • Promo Calendar
  • 2-7 emails a week
    (I no longer recommend daily emails for most brands; see Wednesday’s newsletter for why)
  • Repurpose winners as social, ads, and flows

As always, reach out if you need help.


Cheering for you,