Storytelling Weekly – #005 Exquisito Chocolates

Ecommerce Email Marketing - 005

From: In my living roomTime: Dec 2019Scene: After our wedding *collapsing into the sofa* Me: Yeeesssss, it’s FINALLY over. Tracy: M-hm. I don’t want to do this again anytime soon. Me: Wait… what did you say?! Tracy: Nothing. 🙂 Me: …I think we need a contingency plan for argument. Tracy: Okay. If we ever get …

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Ecommerce Email Marketing- 002

I’m not a college dropout like Zuckerberg. Or a mad showman like Musk. Or a risk-taker like Jobs. I’m an engineer-turned-copywriter, and they don’t really advocate risk-taking in the engineering department. (Imagine an engineer getting “creative” when designing a beam. A nightmare waiting to happen…😰) So, sometimes… It can be lonely fighting as an entrepreneur. …

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