Storytelling Weekly – #016 MammaEase (Lumama)

Giving birth is one of the most painful experiences in the world.

It challenges the limits – for both the mind and body – of the mother.

But very few non-mothers know…

The postpartum breast engorgement can be worse.

Imagine pumping concrete into two already-full water balloons… forcing them to expand. Within 2-3 hours, the concrete accumulates and hardens, turning your breasts into solid rocks.

Then, you’ll have to massage the rocks (when they’re swelling and hurting) so your baby won’t starve. 

It’s bad, and it gets worse…

Because the concrete is pumping 24/7, non-stop.

(even the contractions during labor have 4 to 6 minutes breaks in between)

And this is why a nurse recommended Lumama by MammaEase to my wife. A handy tool for lactation massage.

Recap of Storytelling Weekly

Before diving in, here’s a quick recap for newcomers just tuning in to my One Story A Week Series. 

  • Once a week, I’ll find an interesting brand to study.
  • I’ll break down what I like about their storytelling techniques.
  • Then, I’ll show you how to utilize these techniques in email.
Full Disclaimer

I don’t have any insider info or access to their account. So, I’m writing based on studying their website, interviews, and emails. However, I don’t have proof of earning claims or results of specific campaigns.

Now, there won’t be any “hard selling” in this series, but – 

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Brand Introduction

Ecommerce Email Marketing - MammaEase Logo

Lumama (or MammaEase) was founded in 2018 by a mother for mothers.

Jenelle Zingg – the founder – was frustrated when her doctor recommended massaging her breasts during lactation with an… 

Electric toothbrush!


This was when she realized –

Almost all products sold for lactation are made by people who don’t know the first thing about having breasts…let alone caring for them!

Jenelle Zingg, Meet Lumama – About Page

Storytelling Tactics

To give you some context:

My wife had been enduring a lot of pain since the third day after birth.

As I mentioned in the opening, very few non-mothers understand the challenges of lactation.

  • The long pumping.
  • The lack of sleep.
  • The anxiety when you don’t have enough milk.
  • The frustration when your baby is always hungry.

But most importantly…

The pain of breast engorgement.

According to my wife:

I thought giving birth was hard enough… but I was opened to a new level of pain after my breasts started swelling

Tracy – March 29, 2024

It was during the height of her pain that a nurse at the postpartum care center recommended Lumama.

It’s a small, moon-style massager that can help you “soften” your breasts so your milk can flow.

Now, MammaEase is by no means a “massive player” in the industry (yet).

I was surprised that they weren’t even on the first page when I searched for their brand name on Amazon.

Now, this could be a technical glitch by Amazon… 

…or a problem with their SEO

I don’t know.

But I do think MammaEase has great potential when it comes to storytelling marketing.

Because the product (and the company) was created by a mother for mothers. This means the owner IS their best prospect, making it easy to craft messages and stories that resonate. 

(this is a lot like Hug Sleep and ELAVI – both created by people who are experiencing the exact problem they want to solve)

To give you an example…

On the product page, there’s a section called:

“A Word From Our Founder”

Hey there,

Even under the most ideal circumstances, breastfeeding can be a serious challenge. When I was breastfeeding, it seemed like everything that could go wrong did go wrong. Massage helped tremendously, but when I did my research, I discovered that most people making massagers didn’t know the first thing about having breasts, let alone caring for them! There wasn’t a product or one source of information that met all of my needs, so I had to cobble together my care. I think moms deserve better.

That’s why I personally designed the Lumama Pro for your body and your needs. You are beautiful and powerful. Your difficulties are natural and deserving of attention. We want to do as much as we can to help you enjoy this special time in your life, and focus on the amazing gift you are giving to your baby. As for the technical stuff, leave the breast to us 😉

source: Lumama Pro Product Page

For anyone who’s NOT undergoing lactation problems, this is nothing but marketing gibberish. (after all, a lot of companies like to talk about how they care… yet we know they don’t)

But for the right prospects, this is music to their ear.

Because you’ve walked the walk.

You know how it feels like during breastfeeding when – 

Your brain says: I understand.

Your eyes claim: I’ve seen enough.

But your hands yell: I have no idea what to do.

Email Tip of The Week

When you’re a smaller brand… meaning you’re not Coca-Cola or Apple…

You lack the marketing budget to put your ads in every corner…

But on the other hand…

You have a unique advantage, something corporate bureaucracy cannot do. You can get personal:

  • Share your own stories.
  • Talk about your vulnerability.
  • Discuss the challenges.

Talk about the nightmare stories you’ve seen, heard, and experienced… and let your audience know why & how you want to help them.

(the legal team at Apple will never allow this)

In short, don’t be a marketer, be human.

Try to build relationships with your audience by being relatable.

Because people buy from people, not faceless corporations.


Now, if you’ve decided to start using your most powerful weapon…

By being a human…

By actually caring…

By sharing and connecting with your prospects…

Then, I recommend email as your most effective medium.

Because you can connect with your audience – with a click of your finger – in an environment where the platform doesn’t “work against you”… at almost no cost.

(yes, social media platforms do not want you to succeed. I’ll talk about more about this in my newsletter)

But before you say to yourself, “I don’t know how to write.”

Let’s start with just one email:

Share one story about yourself—about a challenge you faced—that led to the creation of your product. In short, share the origin story.

Keep it simple.

Don’t make it fancy.

Don’t worry about the design.

Don’t include a lot of images.

Just focus on sharing the story.

(or reach out if you need help)

Cheering for you,