Storytelling Weekly – #011 ELAVI

In the e-commerce world, gurus like to sell the concept of ‘easy money.’

“I’ll show you how to make 6-figures with dropshipping. You can sit at the beach all day doing nothing. All you have to do is buy my $997 course.”


A bunch of horse 💩.

But the other day, I saw an opposite story on TikTok.

A female business owner, standing in the aisle of Costo, introduced her product to every passing customer.

The excitement. The passion. The hard work.

The definition of fighting for your idea.

(a lot of customers bought just to support her passion)

The lady was Michelle Razavi, the founder of ELAVI.

Recap of Storytelling Weekly

Before diving in, here’s a quick recap for newcomers just tuning in to my One Story A Week Series. 

  • Once a week, I’ll find an interesting brand to study.
  • I’ll break down what I like about their storytelling techniques.
  • Then, I’ll show you how to utilize these techniques in email.
Full Disclaimer

I don’t have any insider info or access to their account. So, I’m writing based on studying their website, interviews, and emails. However, I don’t have proof of earning claims or results of specific campaigns.

Now, there won’t be any “hard selling” in this series, but – 

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Brand Introduction

Ecommerce Email Marketing - ELAVI Logo

ELAVI (Byld Bar, LLC) was founded in 2019.

Their mission: 

To create a snack bar that is tasty and healthy for busy people who struggle to eat properly.

The result?

“It’s like a healthy Nutella, but 10x less sugar, plant-based, no palm oil, and boosted with vibrant superfood.”

(reread this tagline because it’s the key)

Update: The company announced on September 14, 2023, that it would be saying goodbye to protein bars and focusing on butter from then on

Storytelling Tactics

“From day one, I knew that we had to put ourselves in front of the company.”[source]

Instead of becoming another faceless corporation…

Razavi and Elliott focused on building their personal branding first.

  • Hosting virtual workouts.
  • Creating content on social media.
  • Educating (& entertaining) by sharing personal stories.

This approach helped Razavi and Elliot break into the crowded snack bar market, launching a unique brand using the power of storytelling.

But unlike what gurus like to claim…

Razavi and Elliot did not hit a home run overnight.

Throughout the journey, they made a lot of mistakes. They rebranded multiple times. They even had to resize and repackage their products.

But eventually, they landed on the Power Offer.

“It’s like a healthy Nutella, but 10x less sugar, plant-based, no palm oil, and boosted with vibrant superfood.”

This is the offer that rocket-fuel their growth.

Email Tip of The Week

I was first introduced to the concept of Power Offer by Chris Orzechowski and Joel Erway. 

(I don’t remember who was first… so I’m giving credit to both)

The concept is simple.

How can you describe your offer in 1-2 sentences that can clearly communicate your benefit and answer one core objection?

The typical format looks like this:

“If I offered you X (product)… with Y (benefit)… without Z (objections), would you say yes?”

Now, let’s look at ELAVI’s tagline again –

“It’s like a healthy Nutella, but 10x less sugar, plant-based, no palm oil, and boosted with vibrant superfood.”

See, it’s the same thing.

“If I offered you a snack bar that tasted like Nutella… but is healthy, boosted with vibrant superfood… without excessive sugar, palm oil, or harmful ingredients… would you say yes?”

When you dial in your power offer, you can attract the best prospects more effortlessly into your world.

Bonus Tip

Notice how ELAVI doesn’t try to explain “how tasty” their bar is?

Instead, they said:

“It’s like a healthy Nutella.”

Because everyone already knows Nutella is delicious. The only concern is that Nutella is unhealthy. 

A simple metaphor like this is much more compelling than arguing how “tasty” your products are.


Power Offer is a concept that is overly simple on the surface, yet…

Very few brands get it right.

Most people glaze over the idea and think, “I already know this.”

But here’s my challenge to you:

Set aside an hour or two to brainstorm – 

  • What is your #1 unique benefit?
  • What is the #1 core objection of your target market?
  • How can you clearly communicate both in 1-2 sentences?

Write it down – and use this power offer as the foundation for all your marketing material.