stop killing the golden hens

The legend says:

There was a young boy named Jack.

Jack took his last cow… his only source of income… and traded for some magic beans. The beans grew into a colossal beanstalk, stretching into the clouds…

Leading into the realm of giants.

Jack sneaked into the giant’s castle, stole a hen that lays golden eggs, and returned as a hero. 


Jack looked at the hen and said:

“Nah, I don’t want golden eggs.”

“I’m gonna make you into a rotisserie chicken!”

“And then – I’ll go back, fight some giants, and find me more hens.”



Sounds crazy? 🤣

Well, this is what most e-commerces are doing.

They spend a fortune acquiring customers through paid advertising… then pester the customer with cheesy emails (buy now OR unsubscribe).

The result?

They burn the relationship for quick cash and return to the advertising platform to ask for more leads.

It’s silly.

Because when you do email marketing the right way (hint: entertaining with every email), you can turn customers into raving fans – generating $10 to $30 per subscriber per month.

🐔 = 🥚 + 🪙

So, here’s what you should do next:

  • Go to your email account. 
  • Look at the analytics. 
  • And find out your earnings per subscriber per month.

If it’s below $10/subscriber/month, you’re likely killing the hens, too.

Then, we should talk =>

Cheering for you,