someone told me you have to do this to become successful

A copywriting guru once told me:

“To succeed in business, you must optimize your lifestyle to an extreme level – sleeping before 22:00, eliminating sugar, maintaining 20°C (68°F) room temperature, using noise-canceling earbuds plus an eye mask at night…”

As I lowered my head to take notes…


A baby crashed through the roof and landed in my lap.

I looked up at the hole in my roof… then looked down at the baby…

“What is goin…”

The copywriting guru transformed into a green goblin, snatching the baby from my hand. 

“NOOOOO! The baby is nothing but a distraction to your work.”

“But…” I started to speak.

The guru cut me off – 

“She will need constant feeding plus changing diapers every two hours. You might even need to disturb your perfect sleep and wake up in the middle of the night!!!” 

“Get rid of her. Pass the buck to your wife. Give her to the wolves.”

Or you will NEVER succeed!!!!” 

At this moment…

My wife breaked into the room, kicking the green goblin out of the window.


Well, the craziest part is that a majority of this story is true.

The guru did tell me to:

  • Optimize my lifestyle to level 11
  • Protect my sleep at all costs
  • Pass the buck to my partner and sleep in a different room
    (🤷 as if that’ll actually work)

I’m sharing this with you because there is a lot of crazy advice on the Internet. People who don’t have a life are “teaching” you how to build a life.

Look – 

You have your priority. 

Maybe you’re an email marketing geek like me… and love experimenting with different methods (& hooks) to create that winning campaign.


Maybe you would like to outsource email marketing to a professional so that you can focus on your zone of genius and avoid costly trial and error.

(If the latter is true, you’ll love this =>

But there is no right and wrong way. Just don’t let some 24-year-old guru determine how you should treat your baby.

Cheering for you,