solid product + advertising + retention

Yesterday, I decided to explore the Nanjichang Night Market…

At the end of the market, I stumbled upon a vendor selling small Chinese Pancakes (aka clay oven rolls) – with a couple dozen people waiting in line.

Now, a small Chinese Pancake is about the size of a slider bun. It’s crispy on the outside, flaky in the middle, and finished with salty or sweet filling. 

It’s hard to give you a parallel because there’s nothing alike in America.

But the problem is – 

After waiting for over an hour

The pancakes I received were dry, hard, and had almost no filling.

I can almost hear Gordon Ramsay cursing in the background.


So, why are there so many customers?


If you search, “recommended food in Nanjichang Night Market,” you’ll find a lot of advertorials talking about this vendor.


Advertising actually works.

But before you run off thinking:

“Okay, Wuyen told me all I need is good advertising…”


Because I’m guessing…

You’re not selling very limited, handmade baked goods. This means you need more than one-time tourists to grow your business.

(at least, I’m definitely not buying that pancake ever again)

So, you’ll also want to have:

1. A solid product

2. A retention strategy

And here’s the best retention strategy I know – 

Get people onto your email list. Email them daily(ish) to entertain, nurture, and remind them of your products.

It’ll only take 30-45 minutes a day yet solve your retention problems forever.

(or if you don’t have 30 minutes a day, get a professional to do it for you)

Cheering for you,