social media does not want you to succeed

Look, social media does not want you to succeed.

Want proof?

Today, I saw a post on FMLife complaining – 

“Today, I’m coming to accept that my wife’s relationship with her phone and her social media is deeper and more intimate than it will ever be with me. I can’t afford to leave her, her sister’s a lawyer, she’ll take everything I still love in the divorce. I hate my life.”

Social media platforms are highly addictive, yet…

They do NOT like users leaving their website.

(That’s why every platform is starting to offer onsite checkouts. They want to keep the traffic to themselves.)

The goal is to keep you stranded in Meta Island, so your business relies on it like life support. But…

What happens to your business when FB is down?

Like on March 5, 2024 – a fairly recent event – where FB, Messenger, and Instagram stopped working everywhere for a few hours.

I still remember the despair cry in all the Internet marketing groups.

Because the platform was down, the sales stopped, but…

The bill was still charging!

You have no way to turn off the ads.

(Trust me, FB cares very little about you going out of business because of their fault. Otherwise, they wouldn’t always ban accounts without a proper reason.)

And this is why I always tell my clients:

Yes, advertising is important. You should always be generating new awareness for your business. But…

It’s also important to build, nurture, and cash in your email list to continue generating sales when SM platforms crash.


If you want to build a safety net… so that you’re not panicking the next time Meta crashes… you’ll want to claim this offer:


Cheering for you,