Social media can be a nasty place

The other day, I saw a story every business owner should read.

Someone commented on a girl’s F.B. profile picture:

“look like you’ve fallen off the ugly tree and hit every branch on the way down.”

But the worst part…

Sixty people, including the girl’s boyfriend and best friend, liked the comment.


(I guess he’s ex-boyfriend now? lol)

Look, social media is powerful when it comes to marketing…

But it can also be a nasty place.

Not only because of the trolls…

…but because of how “unrealistic” it is.

People want to “look good” in front of the public.

That’s why you’ll only see the wins, breakthroughs, massive commissions, overnight success, million-dollar exits, and beach vacations.

And if you’re not getting those wins yet…

It can make you feel like a failure – because you’re the only one facing challenges and setbacks.

But that’s not true.

I’ve never met an entrepreneur who didn’t fall more than he/she wins.

Don’t panic if you haven’t “made it” yet.

Julia Child – the adored chef and TV personality – started cooking when she was 36 and finally published her first book at 50!

(the life expectancy then was only 51.8-year-old)

So, it’s never too late.

Keep fighting.

Enjoy the adventure.

And… stop comparing yourself with “fake success” on social media.

Let’s rock 2024 together! 🙂 

Cheering for you,