should e-commerce brands email daily?

In the past, I’ve always believed that – 

Every business should be emailing daily-ish.

Because it’s simple math.

The more you email, the more sales you’ll make.


In fact…

Increasing your email frequency is one of the easiest ways to increase the amount of people who see your offer. (check out yesterday’s newsletter)

  • Weekly email at 25% open = People seeing your offer once per month
  • Daily email at 25% open = People seeing your offer once per week

But recently…

I’ve changed.

Because I realize that most e-commerce brands are not sending emails. Instead, they are sending flyers… disguised as emails!

Don’t believe me.

Go to this website =>

And you can see what your competitors are sending.

Let’s face it.

You can’t distinguish 99% of these emails from the ad flyers you get from Bed Bath & Beyond.

(you know, the ones you throw away before taking the mail home)

So, today, I’m giving you permission to:

Only send an email when you have something valuable to say.

Yes, you don’t have to do daily emails.

(most brands don’t have the resources to do daily emails correctly)

But try to email as much as possible…

…as long as you’re not wasting your readers’ time.

That said, if you want help increasing your email frequency WHILE making your emails worth reading…

Reply with ‘ENGINE’, and I’ll share the secret with you.

Cheering for you,