Hey there,

I’m trying something new, a great opportunity for the right person:

I’ve been testing out a new approach to running very (very) profitable monthly promotions that can generate $20k to $150k+ from one campaign.

Now, I want to partner up with 3 to 4 established e-commerces to help them make it rain each month.

Now, obviously…

You need to have proven products plus a decent-sized email list for this to work… and we can talk numbers later, yet…

For the right person, there’s ZERO risk involved because…

Here’s how it works:

1) I’ll strategize your monthly promos for the next 12 months

2) I’ll nail your brand voice and tonality

3) I’ll write the promo in a way that will preserve the relationship you have with your list WHILE making a ton of moolah

4) And I’ll even manage the campaign for you!

All you have to do is jump on two ~1-hour calls with me each month.

That’s all

Adding almost no additional work to your busy to-do list.

Best part?

This is performance-only.

No upfront. No retainer. No hidden extra cost.

(Just a small deposit that goes in escrow to make sure you actually test the copy. This will be refunded after the first promo goes live.)

I’ll simply take a small cut out of the new money I bring you.

This can be a big profit-generating asset for you with almost no extra work from you… and without having to hire & manage a team member.

Since this is 100% performance-based…

If any promo doesn’t work (highly unlikely), you lose nothing.


Let’s talk!

Fill out your name and best email below, and I’ll shoot over more deets.

(I’m only taking on 3 clients at the moment. First come, first served.)