Retention Marketing – what does it really mean?

Yesterday, I wrote an email about how Chinese restaurants can serve a menu of 485 items… spending less than a minute on one dish.

(and how you can use this knowledge to grow your email revenue)

But when I was researching that email, I got curious…

How profitable are Chinese restaurants?

And this took me down a deep (deep) rabbit hole.

Long story short, most Chinese restaurants only net about 8-9% of sales.


A lot like most e-commerce stores (according to Shopify).

The bad news is – 

This profit margin is getting thinner across the e-commerce industry.


  • Advertising costs are rising every week
  • The reliance on bigger (and bigger) discounts
  • Inflation
  • etc

So, how do you jump out of this downward spiral?

It’s simple.

Get more sales from your audience base – retention, customer lifetime value (CLV), or whatever you want to call it. In short, you create a system that brings customers back to buy from you again (and again, and again).

Because you don’t have to pay for acquisition anymore, so you have a bigger margin. Not to mention that…

You own the list… and you’re not 100% relying on the mercy of social media platforms. (if FB bans your account right now, how will it affect your business?)


Email marketing is the foundation for retention marketing.

In most cases, email marketing is the low-hanging fruit. Yet…

So many brands lack a system to reap this fruit.

And this is where I can help. 

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Cheering for you,