Poisonous Emails

The other day, I dug through my fridge to find some snacks…

But instead of salty savories, I found… in disgust:

A few cans of alcoholic drinks, hidden.

The last time I drank freely was back in May.

My wife, Tracy, and I were exploring Bangkok.

It was blazing hot outside, and you could fry eggs on the sidewalk… so we were dying for a drink when we finally crawled back to the hotel.

“The rooftop bar seems nice. Want to check it out?”

I invited my wife like a gentleman…

Great view.

Cool night breeze.

Fancy cocktails.

We had a great night… until:

3 a.m.

I yanked myself out of bed, rushed to the toilet, and started puking.


No, it wasn’t a hangover.

It was poisonous alcohol!

And I spent the next day living in the bathroom.

That was the last time I enjoyed a drink…

(Hey, maybe there was a reason for the 21st amendment, Prohibition, that wasn’t ratified until Dec 5, back in 1933 🤷.)


One day, I might regain the confidence to crack a bottle or two.

Just like one lousy promotion might not destroy your chance forever.

But it sure takes a hell of a lot to overcome the damaged relationship and the tainted trust. Especially… when it’s a lot easier to choose another competitor.

And the good news is:

I can help.

Creating email campaigns that are not poisonous and don’t make your subscribers puke through the night 😉


Check the deets here: https://wuyenhsu.com/free-email-audit/