Personal stories, or NOT

Using personal stories is THE EASIEST WAY to build a following.

It’s a never-ending “idea source.”

(It’s also the “go-to” for most marketing gurus. 😅)

To give you an example…

The Australian bakery Brooki Bakehouse went viral because of the owner’s TikTok videos on “A day in my life as a bakery owner…”

Nothing fancy.

It’s always a snippet of her daily life with a simple voice-over.

(when she’s busy, she doesn’t even include the voice)

But people LOVE these videos!!

In fact, these videos are the reason why…

Some customers travel hundreds of miles to buy a cookie!!

And if you’ve been following my stuff for any time, you’ll know that I also use personal stories in my daily emails. I’ve talked about…

And more.

But here’s the caveat about personal story…

It relies on YOU.

Yes, when you use personal stories to build a following…

…it’s almost impossible to exit.

Sooner or later, you’ll have to transition from your PERSONAL brand to something bigger.

(Even if you aren’t planning to sell your business, it’s hard to turn a personal brand into a legacy, too. 🤷)

Keeping this one short.

Down the road…

I’ll talk more about the different storytelling approaches you can take.

(To be honest, there isn’t a “right answer.” There are pros and cons.)

Cheering for you,