people are crying like babies inside Klaviyo groups

The other day, I was playing “copycat” with my baby.

Here’s how it works:

The baby will do something. I’ll imitate her. And there’s a high chance she’ll imitate me again. (a perfect way to distract a non-sleepy baby from crying)

Baby: eh?

Me: eh?

Baby: ehh?

Me: ehh?

Baby: (shake her fist in the air)

Me: (shake my fist in the air)

Baby: (shake her fist plus feet in the air)

Me: (shake my fist again)

Baby: *frown*

Me: *frown*

Baby: *boooo…psst…prrsssttt….*… WAHHHHHHH!


(🏳️ you win)

As I took the crying baby to change diapers, I thought about another group of crying babies. 

Recently, a bunch of marketers/owners have been crying about how Klaviyo is enforcing a new pricing plan:

Moving forward, you must pay for all the active profiles in your account.

To me, this sounds like a great opportunity.

This forces people to stop procrastinating on email marketing… and take action NOW. They can no longer sit on a minimum pricing plan and do nothing.

Which is a good thing…

Because the sooner they start investing in email marketing, the sooner they’ll realize how effective this marketing channel can be.

Lucky them!

As for you…

If you want to be the leader in your industry… not the imitating copycat… then you’ll want to check out this offer:


Cheering for you,