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Here are some common questions I get:

Q: Who are you?

Fair enough.

I know I’m still a weirdo you came across on the Internet.

(And since I don’t have an official About page on the site, just this.)

Let me introduce myself in 60 seconds:

Hi, my name’s Wuyen Hsu.

It’s pronounced “wu-yen shu.” A name that gives away the fact that I’m a non-native English speaker… if that bothers you a lot, well, too bad. 🤷‍♂️


I’m the marketing mastermind behind multiple 7 and 8-figure e-commerces… the longest working freelancer for a 9-figure e-commerce team (I think the only other original team member left is the CEO)… the copywriter behind dozens of email campaigns that are generating $1-10k per week, including:

  • Cart Abandonment Flow that generates $1.5k to $9k per week
  • Welcome Flow pumps out $50,000 in a week
  • Browse Abandonment Flow that brings in ~$4k “easy money” a month
  • Re-engagement Flow that triggered so many hyper-responses that my client’s customer support team “demanded” it to be shut down for the time being
  • Anniversary Campaign that brought in a whopping $154k in three days
  • Holiday Promotion Assets – including only two simple emails – that generate $10,000+ every year without needing to change a single word
  • Value-driven newsletters, which don’t include any sales promotion but end up making over $28k in two days

Okay, enough bragging for one day.

Let’s move on to the next question…

Q: Who is this newsletter for?

The short answer is: 

This is for e-commerces who want to scale without complicating things.

Look, growing an online store is simple.

All you need is three things:

Awareness (traffic).

Engagement (relationship).

Conversion (sales).

That’s all.

The problem is…

Most businesses only focus on Awareness (“driving more traffic”) and Conversion (“optimizing product/sales page”).

Yes, they are important – without a doubt.

But the real profit lies in the Engagement (“maximizing revenue per subscriber PLUS increasing retention”). 

Because if you have good relationships with your subscribers, you don’t need a fancy product page to convert. 

Therefore, my goal for this newsletter is to help you master Engagement.

Q: Who is this newsletter NOT for?

If you’re only starting out, this newsletter is not for you.

Go back.

Find a way to validate your offer by actually selling some products.

Build a buyer list of ~500 customers.

Then, come back to join my newsletter.

Q: What are your emails about?

The overarching theme is Email Marketing – or as I call it, “building a Profit Engine for your business.”

I’ll also cover creative writing, modern marketing, and other topics that I find interesting, too. (Like food, chocolate, and scuba-diving 😉 )

I like to use storytelling, metaphors, and weird parables to share the insights I’ve discovered while working with my clients.

Don’t worry; I’m not here to sell you email marketing “courses.”

As of this writing (Aug 25, 2023), I have NOT created any modulated course yet. And there are very few courses (from others) that I’ll openly recommend.

Quick Disclaimer: I am planning on doing some mini-workshops down the road. Each of these will focus on one specific topic – short, distilled, and implementation-driven.

Q: But do you sell stuff in your emails?

Of course.

I’d be a terrible copywriter if I never sell anything, right?

For now, the only services I offer are a DFY partnership deal plus consulting packages. And I will make these offers whenever I feel like it.

If “selling” in an email doesn’t feel right to you, please don’t join.

(But seriously? If you hate sales email so much, why are you here… on a website talking about email marketing?! That’s just…🤔)

Q: How often do you email?

I email daily(-ish).

Because writing is my way of thinking – it helps me cultivate, distill, and simplify interesting information into valuable insights for you.

I aim to give you a tiny “Aha!” moment in every email…

(…or at least make you smile after reading 😊)

But don’t worry…

If you find my emails no longer relevant to you at any time, you can find the unsubscribe link at the bottom of every email I send. However…

If you do stick around…

You can see me build a Profit Engine in real time. That in itself is probably the most valuable lesson…

Because I’m teaching by showing.

Here Are The Next Steps…

If what you’ve read so far resonates with you, here are the next steps:

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  3. Find the “Confirmation Link” inside that email
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And I’ll be waiting for you in the New (and Growing) World.

See you there.

– Wuyen