Once you get the ball rolling…

Yesterday, I was busy working on a proposal for a client and wasn’t feeling like cooking. So, I asked my wife to pick up dinner on her way back.


I open the door.


ME: Welcom… wait, what is that?

TRACY: Dinner.

ME: I thought we’re having 6 fried chickens with a lamb stew?

(taking over two large bags of food and peeking inside)

TRACY: It is.

ME: You went to the grocery?

TRACY: Nope.

ME: What else did you buy?!

TRACY: Fried cuttlefish ball, tempura, sacha fried noodle… couldn’t decide what I wanted.

ME: …okay.

TRACY: Choosing is for rookies.


This happens a lot.

Both my wife and I are foodies, so we always want to try everything – especially at a good restaurant.

(shout out to MORE Restaurant on Beining Rd, Taipei)

This is something you should understand as an ecom owner.

If you make it “easy” to buy more, your prospects will.

Bundle deals.

People also buy recommendations.

Order bumps.




As long as the “bundle” makes sense, you don’t need a lot of hard selling to convince a customer to buy more.

It’s like overcoming the static friction.

Once you have the ball rolling, it’s much easier to KEEP it moving.

This is why grocery stores have chocolate bars and bubble gum at the checkout line. And it’s also why email automations like “Before We Ship” work so well.

Try it out.

You’ll be amazed at the result.

Cheering for you,