on know-how

When you hire a plumber, you pay $5 for hitting the pipe… but you pay $195 for knowing where to hit.

Newborns are the hardest thing in the world.

When they cry, it can be hunger, burping, 💩, too energetic, too tired, or just wanting a hug. At the postpartum care center…

You’ll see new parents running in circles whenever a baby cries…

(such as me)

And you’ll also see senior nurses acting like a “baby whisper.”

(there’s a nurse who can pacify a crying baby with a touch of her hand)

A lot of the time, it feels like magic…

But it’s actually a combination of experience plus knowledge.

That’s why I’m happy to pay for the expensive services of a postpartum center… so I can leverage their support when I lack the know-how.

It’s the same for you as a business owner.

There is so much you need to manage…

From advertising, to manufacturing, to logistics, to email marketing…

No one can be a master in everything.

It’s smart to acknowledge that you don’t “know it all”… and seek professional support. When you stop trying to do everything yourself, you’ll save yourself a lot of headaches… and money.

So, if you want help boosting your email revenue… and you’re not an email marketing geek… then we should talk.

Cheering for you,