no one loves your business more than you

Last week, I was lurki researching inside an e-commerce group, and I saw this post asking:

“Where can I find good email talents for my e-commerce store?”

Within a few hours…

At least 10 members commented, “Definitely not in this group.”

(as if talking 💩 about the group makes them look good… when they’re also part of the group. 🤷)

So, today, let’s talk about hiring email talents:

Here’s the cold hard truth…

No one cares more about the business than you – the owner.

This is why most e-commerce owners aren’t happy with the freelancer (copywriter/agency) they’ve hired…

Look, it’s your business.

(your precious 💍)

But for the freelancer, it’s a job.

It’s like what Nikola Jokic said –

“Nobody likes his job. Or maybe they do. They’re lying.” 

It doesn’t mean the freelancer won’t work hard… or do a good job…

(Jokic made this quote after he led the Nuggets to the 2023 NBA championship with the Finals MVP.)

But you can’t expect a freelancer – who is paid a fixed fee – to invest unlimited hours into your project. They’ve got bills to pay.

And this is where a revenue share model shines.

It gives the freelancer “skin in the game”…

It gives the freelancer an incentive to work harder…

It gives the freelancer the “ownership mindset” so that they’re fighting for their precious, too.

However, a revenue share model can be more complicated.

It requires you to have an abundance mindset…

…and it requires both parties (you plus the freelancer) not to be an ass?

But the reward is worth it.

So, when you’re ready for help, give Rev Share Model a shot.

Cheering for you,