My No AI Writing Declaration

As COMPUTEX comes to an end, everyone is talking about AI.

The news. The stock market. And even my dad.

But when there is light, there will always be shadows.

Recently, I noticed a trend…

Companies selling apparel, swimwear, and supplements are using AI models for their advertising creatives.

This is scary because…

People used to say that fashion magazines like Vogue, Vanity Fair, and Cosmopolitan created a generation of women who hate their bodies due to unrealistic aesthetics. 

Well, guess what…

Those were still real human models.

But now, the next generation will grow up expecting artificial beauty.

I think this is a dangerous trend.

A trend I do NOT want to follow.

Therefore, I’m making my declaration today.

I will NEVER use AI to write my copy – both for my own business and my clients.

Sure, there are places where AI can be helpful…

Like summarizing a meeting, automating a workflow, and even proofreading an article… but writing is not one.

Now, this might mean I will never be as “fast” as these AI agencies…

…or be able to create 10k words in 5 minutes.

And that’s okay.

Because writing copy (and the art of human persuasion behind the copy) is better left to the human mind.

With that being said…

If you want a human strategist to help you create a profit engine for your brand, reach out at “wy<@>” with the word ‘ENGINE‘ and I have a special offer for you.

Cheering for you,