my new HQ for 2024 & beyond

Today, I just finished upgrading my new office.

It’s not big—approximately 4m x 2m—but it’s minimalistic, with only the things I love. When you enter, there are:

A light hanger on your left for all the dirty clothes and backpacks.

A scale (hidden in the corner) for weekly measurements.

Two wide desks – forming an L-shape – around my ergonomic chair.

Double screen setup with microphone, webcam, and keyboard.

And a cute little picture of my baby dragon.

This setup is so much better than my previous home office. Not only is the office way more comfortable, but I’m also more inspired to work.

(I even have a window next to me!)

This means better outputs for my clients.


(okay, I’ll admit. my mentor has been pushing me to upgrade my environment since early 2024… guess he’s right 😛)


I don’t have a smooth transition for this email.

I’m just excited to work in this new environment… and my clients are lucky to get an upgraded ME in the second half of 2024.


That said, if you also want to upgrade your email marketing… but hate complications… I have a minimalist-style offer for you.

It’s super simple.

I’ll do everything for you, including strategizing, writing, editing, uploading, and testing.

All YOU have to do is hop on one call with me every 2-3 months.

(and greenlight the copy before they go live)


Email me at “wy<@>”, and I’ll share the details.

Cheering for you,