my cooking system (and why should you care)

I love cooking because – 

1) It’s relaxing,

2) I find cooking for my wife romantic.

But before I fire up the stove… 

I go through a whole preparation ritual:

  • – I prep everything first (defrost, wash, cut, etc)
  • I carefully “plan” the order of the dishes
  • I estimate how long it’ll take from start to finish
  • I line up all the ingredients in the cooking order
  • I clean up the kitchen (and take out the trash)
  • I check my wife’s schedule to confirm the “start time”
  • I set a timer to start



But this is my “cooking system.” It’s my guarantee for creating the dinner I want – with the desired time, quality, and tidiness every meal.

So, how about you?



Wait, why are you looking at me weird?




You thought I was asking about your “cooking system”?

Of course not.

I’m talking about your email-creating system.

What’s your system for creating winning email campaigns (& flows)?

(if you don’t have a system, your result might be all over the place – like a roller coaster 🎢)

Now, here’s the system I recommend =>

Cheering for you,