my 2024 challenges for ecoms (cont. Part 3 of 4)

Interestingly, the best dishes are often created with very simple ingredients.

– Sushi = Seafood + Vinegared Rice

– Pho = Rice Noodle + Beef + Broth

– Steak = Meat (+ Butter?)

– Fried Chicken = Chicken + Batter

– Macaron = Almond Flour + Egg Whites + Sugar

But when a chef masters these simple ingredients, they can create wonders.

It’s the same for e-commerce.

I’ve worked with many e-commerce stores, from water bottles, hiking socks, health tests… and plenty in between.

But what separates the “fruitless” and the “profitable” is always…

The ability to focus on the essentials.

So, here are the essentials for your online store:

– One advertising channel (paid attention)

– One email a day-ish (engagement)

– One solid product (conversion)

– One website (conversion)

That’s it.

This is all you need to grow your business to $100M+.

You don’t need to be omnipresent.

You don’t need 6 different social media channels.

You don’t need to master every advertising platform.

You don’t even need SEO or Google Ads at the beginning…

(but you do want your own website instead of an Amazon store)

Don’t overthink it.

So, here’s my 2nd challenge for you:

(the first one is identifying your core framing question)

1. Look at your calendar

2. Document everything you’re doing throughout the day

(list out all the tasks on one sheet)

3. Keep track for a week

4. Review your tasks, identifying what aligns with the essentials above

5. Remove all the distractions (they are scattering your resources)

Cheering for you,