my 2024 challenge for you

Today, I have a challenge for you…

But first, let me explain the context:

Last week, I was introduced to David Perell’s How I Write Podcast. On his podcast, David interviewed the infamous Tim Ferriss.

(author of 4 Hours Workweek, 4-Hour Body, and 4-Hour Chef).

Tim revealed that all his books were driven by one fundamental mindset – 

“What question am I trying to answer?”

This resonated with me a lot!

The process of thinking, writing… and I’d also say marketing… is about finding the right question for your best prospects and answering the question.

Tim provided two examples:

  • The 4-Hour Body: What is the minimum effective dose for the ten most important dimensions of physical fitness?
  • The 4-Hour Chef: In eight weeks, how would I take someone from ground zero to a supper accelerated learner with any subject matter?

The questions are elegantly simple.

But it provides clarity and gravity that pulls the right prospects into his world. (what we ultimately want to do with not only email marketing but ALL our marketing)

And this concept got me thinking over the weekend…

What is MY core question?

for my newsletter, service, and any future articles

So, here’s my current answer:

What are the minimum 5/95 actions that can get you the most results in your email marketing… and maximize your leverage for all your other marketing strategies?

I realized that – 

This is the question at the core of all my writing… 

…and it’s why I created my done-for-you service (Email Profit Engine).

I want to push the 20/80 rules to its extreme, helping you perform the 5/95 action in your email marketing.

Now, it’s your turn – 

The challenge: “Identify the one question your business is trying to solve.”

This question should provide an overarching frame for all your product/offer/marketing/voice – it’s that important!

But it might take some time to find the right answer… and it’s okay to modify or expand later on… yet if you’re having trouble finding one…

Let’s chat and see if I can help! 🙂 


Cheering for you,