my 2024 challenge for ecoms – part 2

Let’s keep building on yesterday’s email.

If you haven’t read it yet, you can find it here:

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Okay, let’s keep going!

In yesterday’s email, I talked about my core framing question:

What are the minimum 5/95 actions that can get you the most results in your email marketing… and maximize the leverage for all your other marketing strategies?

Let’s break it down.

This question is a combination of three ideas:

1) What are the minimum 5/95 actions for your marketing?

2) Why focus on “email” marketing?

3) What does it mean to maximize leverage?

Let’s focus on the first idea for today…

What are the minimum 5/95 actions for your marketing?

Look, every e-commerce started simple.

One mission.

One good product.

One traffic source.

This is because most entrepreneurs start with very little knowledge about marketing – which is good.

Because when you don’t know a lot…

It’s easier to focus.

(and focus is the fastest way to grow)

But in the process of scaling, most entrepreneurs get distracted.

(shiny object syndrome driven by boredom & FOMO)

We started adding multiple layers to our marketing system.

6 social media channels.

9 advertising platforms.

Influencer marketing.


A dozen different front-end product lines.

Soon, your marketing bloats into something very complicated.

This is when most e-commerces loses steam.

Your attention is spread.

Your resources are scattered.

Your team is oversized.

Therefore, your growth hits a plateau. 

So, how do you break through the wall and keep growing?

Well, you go back to the basics.

When ships are lost in a stormy ocean, they navigate back to the lighthouse, following the basic principles to find the right course again.

The lighthouse (the 5/95) for your e-commerce?




That’s all.

  • Attention is how you get strangers… to stop and pay attention to what you offer. (hint: 1 paid + 1 earned. We’ll talk more tomorrow)
  • Engagement is how you turn subscribers into fans… and customers into repeating, lifetime customers.
  • Conversion is how you provide value in exchange for money. The product. The offer. The sales page. The transaction.

Let this sink in for now.

Tomorrow, we’ll dig deeper into Attention, Engagement, and Conversion…

What should you focus on… plus their relationship with email marketing (the 2nd part of the framing question).

Until then…

Cheering for you,